Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Academy of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine (further mentioned as The Academy) is to make manual/musculoskeletal medicine a scientifically and evidence based medical discipline. 

Vision to strive for

The IAMMM envisions a future, where Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine (synonyms: Manual Medicine, Musculoskeletal Medicine) is a distinct medical discipline or additional medical competence for medical specialists, and wherein practice and teaching will be based on the current scientifically level.

The Academy should strive for a future where:

  • All scientific evidence and developments within the field of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine and related (pre-)medical disciplines are integrated internationally.
  • The approach to Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine practice is identical and/or comparable internationally.
  • Non-university-based education programs of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine are according international standards
  • A university-based master education program for Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • The Academy is the ideal scientific infrastructure of the field of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine and provides an international forum of the highest caliber for presentation, debate and revue of scientific work and developments, scientific content of university-based education programs within Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Strategies to get there

In order to fulfil the mission and work towards the Vision, The Academy needs to define a set of strategies for:

  • Establishing an international scientific platform for the field of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Continuously encouraging and facilitating the scientific approach of the Academy members, thereby developing the scientific platform based on new findings.
  • Disseminating the platform through a common approach to practice and education
  • Positioning and branding The Academy as the scientific infrastructure of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine

Supporting our basic strategies, we need specific plans for:

  • International member recruitment
  • Committee work:

* Analysing and synthesising existing approaches in Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine

*Formulating a common scientifically based platform for Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine

*Formulating common guidelines for practice and education

  • The encouragement and facilitating of scientific work
  • Cooperation with European universities
  • Cooperation with other international and national as well as other relevant organisations in the field of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Building awareness and scientific recognition of the work of The Academy

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Download publications
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