Governing Boards & Commitees

According to the statutes of the IAMMM, the Academy has two boards, the Executive Board and the Science Board.
The Science Board is headed by the Science Director and further consist of elected members.
Three committees reside under the Science Board:

  • The Efficacy Committee
  • The Reliability Committee
  • The Educational Committee

Only the Educational Committee is headed by an Educational Director. The Efficacy and Reliability committees are chaired by appointed Academy members.

Each committee is entitled to install special interest groups for a particular actual topic.

The Executive Board consist of a chairman, a logistic officer, a treasurer, the Science Director and the Educational Director

Chairman IAMMM Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Olavi Airaksinen MD PhD

Prof. Dr. Olavi Airaksinen, MD, PhD

Chairman and Clinical Director of Rehabilitation Services at Kuopio University Hospital in Finland, professor of PRM, University of Eastern Finland

 IAMMM Science Director

Prof. Dr. Berit Schiottz Christensen MD PhD

Prof. Dr. Berit Schiottz-Christensen, MD, PhD

Medical Research Department, Spine Centre of Southern Denmark, Hospital Lillebaelt, University hospital of Southern Denmark.


IAMMM Educational Director

Prof. Jacob Patijn PhD MD NL

Prof. Dr. Jacob Patijn, MD, PhD

Department of Translational Neuroscience, School of Mental Health and Neuroscience, Maastricht University, Netherlands.


Viktor Dvorak MD CH

 Viktor Dvorak, MD (CH)

IAMMM Logistics officer

marinko rade

Prof. Dr. Marinko Rade PhD, MSc Orth Med, MBA

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