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“Karl Lewit Lectures"

Professor Karl Lewit was, next to his friend Professor Vladimir Janda, one of the most important founding fathers of the Manual/ Musculoskeletal Medicine in Europe. As a member of the International Academy for Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine (IAMMM), Professor Karl Lewit have always supported the aims and work of the IAMMM.
Therefore, the IAMMM raised the idea, in consultation with and approval of the daughter of Professor Karl Lewit, Clara-Maria Helena Lewit, to install "The Karl Lewit Lecture" as a part of a IAMMM conference. The IAMMM will invite persons for "The Karl Lewit Lecture" that have been working in the field of Manual/ Musculoskeletal Medicine or related medical and pre-medical disciplines and have proved being of outmost importance for our profession in the past and/or future.

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Dec 01, 2020


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the activities within the IAMMM have been substantially reduced, such as the planned Annual Academy Conference in Padua of 2020. After very careful… Read more >

Our Mission

The mission of the International Academy of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine (further mentioned as The Academy) is to make manual/musculoskeletal medicine a scientifically and evidence based medical discipline.

Our Vision

The IAMMM envision a future, where Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine (synonyms: Manual Medicine, Musculoskeletal Medicine) is a distinct medical discipline or additional medical competence, and where practice and teaching are based on the actual scientifically based platform.

About us

What is the IAMMM?

The IAMMM (International Academy of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine) is an international organization of individual members and has the main aim to make Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine a scientifically and evidence-based medical discipline.

What is Manual/Musculoskeletal

Manual/Musculoskeletal (synonymous to Manual Medicine and Musculoskeletal Medicine) is an additional competence recognized by the EUROPEAN UNION OF MEDICAL SPECIALISTS and as such a medical discipline of enhanced knowledge and skills in the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of functional reversible disorders of the locomotor system. Diagnostic skills build on conventional evidence-based medical techniques with manual assessment of individual tissues and functional assessment of the whole system, based on scientific biomechanical and neurophysiologic principles. Therapeutic skills add manual/manipulative techniques and advanced interventional techniques to conventional treatments for the reduction of pain or other treatment outcomes.

Who are members of the IAMMM?

The IAMMM consists of individual members that are university-based and/or professionals with documented interests and experience as a scientist and/or educationalist in the broad field of manual/musculoskeletal medicine or related medical and premedical disciplines.

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